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    Why settle for anything less than unconditional security?

    With current data security standards proving inadequate in preventing attacks, we set out by challenging the current security paradigms. Our quest to provide unconditional security led us to replace the vulnerable core of data security, that relied on predictable mathematical algorithms, with the robust and truly unpredictable physical properties of quantum physics. Quantum cryptography is the only known way of providing unconditional security that is proved by the information theory.

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    Building quantum resilience

    If you are looking to protect your critical data, look no further. Our Proprietary Quantum Secure Platform is carefully designed with our customers at the heart of our products and solutions to provide unconditional security.

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QNu works at the cutting edge of data security to help you secure a higher business posture. Follow our journey and the people working tirelessly behind the scenes to make our work possible.

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  • Cisco Live, here we come.

    Our startup QNu helps innovators, disrupt existing security paradigms by accelerating their transition to deploy Quantum-safe encryptions.

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